Back in 2004, I graduated from an arts magnet high school, one excessively MEANINGFUL and SYMBOLIC novella under my belt, and ideas for many more in the future.

It’s 2013 now.  One previous novel idea sprang half-formed into my mind, was halfway smeared onto paper with great difficulty, and then was eventually abandoned when I realized that I didn’t actually like the premise at all, and really I just wanted to go ahead and write some fantasy.

So.  This is me, going ahead and writing some fantasy.  It’s a kind of fantasy heavily influenced by Philip Pullman and Neil Gaiman, but I consider it fantasy nonetheless.  There are other worlds and fabulous beings in it, after all, even if there are also bureaucrats and coffee cups.

If you’ve found this, I hope you enjoy the process!  I may occasionally post revised chapters and sections, but otherwise this will solely be parts of the text, in order according to the narrative.